🎉Sparrow hits USD 10 mil in trading volume!

Thanks to the support of our valued partners and communities, we’ve hit USD 10 million in trading volume since going live 1.5 months ago! It’s encouraging to see such great demand and interest in our simplified options product.

Selling options for an instant premium has been a proven favourite for users. Check out what our partners and users have to say!

Make your assets work for you — Collect instant premium of up to 5% every week

Why HODL when you can make money on your existing crypto assets every week just like the pros? With Sparrow Options, you can collect premium (approx 2–10%) every week simply by selling options with TradeBOOST.

Here’s a scenario.

If you’re bearish on ETH (you think the price won’t reach 240 and above), you can sell an ETH call option at strike price 240, expiring on 2nd August 2019 and you could receive 3.03% in premium upfront!

That’s 122.54% Annualized Percentage Returns!

Join the tribe and don’t miss out on really great gains.

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