8x profit in a bear market?!

Just last week, a Sparrow user shared his profitable trade with our Telegram community. How did he manage to do it?

Here’s a screenshot of his trade:

What’s his profit?

[ (Strike Price — Settlement Price) — Premium Payable ]

[ (9,750–8,056.2) — 210.93 ]

= $1,482.87

The cost of the trade was just 210.93 SP$, for a payoff of 1,693.8 SP$. That’s over 8x profit!

Now who says you can’t win big in a bear market?

👉Trade now

Feeling bearish? Buy a Put option.

If you think prices will move down, and you want to short the market but worry about forced liquidations or do not want to deploy your full capital, you can still participate in the market movements by buying a Put option.

Why buy Put?

Unlike spot trading which requires full collateral, buying a Put option allows you to participate in the movement of an underlying asset for a relatively small price (Premium Payable).

This removes the risk of liquidation (which is why it makes sense to buy Put rather than short the market) while allowing you to enjoy leveraged returns.

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