Getting started at Sparrow — Part 3: Making your first trade

Now that you’ve registered and topped up your account, it is time to make your first trade!

Sparrow provides versatile option trading tools catered for both beginners (simplified) and professionals (advanced).

Simplified options trading

Step 1

Select “Options” on the top bar and click “Simplified”

Step 2

Start trading on the simplified interface

a. On the top-left corner, you can choose between BTC/USD or ETH/USD options and set your trading chart view — 60 minutes, 4 hours, 1 day

b. On the right hand side is the configuration panel which enables you to customize your option and check option prices easily

Step 3

More information on the trades can be found at the bottommost area.

a. Open Orders: Displays your outstanding orders which have not been filled

b. Fills: Displays every order quantity that has been filled by a counterparty

c. Position: Displays an aggregated summary of current positions

d. Settled: Displays all settled positions

e. Funds: Displays the status of your funds in your account

Advanced options trading

Sparrow also offers a traditional order book for professional traders who are seeking more sophisticated tools to maximize their trading performance.

Step 1

Select “Options” on the top bar and click “Advanced”

Step 2

Start trading on the order book

a. Choose your trading pair — BTC/USD or ETH/USD

b. Select your preferred settlement range

c. Select your order and start trading!


Qty: Quantity of assets traded

IV: Implied volatility is the market’s forecast of a likely movement in the asset’s price

Bid ($): The Instant Premium an option buyer is willing to pay for the option

Ask ($): The Instant Premium an option seller wants to receive for the option

OI: Open Interest displays the number of options contracts that are currently outstanding (open) in the market


Call option: The price at which the option owner can buy the BTC or ETH

Put option: The price at which the option owner can sell the BTC or ETH

Congratulations on making your first trade! Time to level up your trades with some options trading strategies — 3 Strategies to Combat Crypto Market Volatility with Options Trading.


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Getting started at Sparrow