Happy holidays! Wh​​​​at will be your option play this Christmas? 

What a ride this year has been. Thank you for joining us on this journey and for all your support!

Wishing you and your family a very jolly crypto Christmas and many returns.

Test your options knowledge and stand to win 100 USDT! 


Santa granted you 1 BTC (worth $7,000) to trade right now. Based on a strike price of $8,000 and assuming settlement on Christmas week (27 Dec), which option position will you take on to generate the highest returns?

  1. Buy call – Pay $180 (Fixed loss, unlimited returns)
  2. Buy put – Pay $1100 (Fixed loss, unlimited returns)
  3. Sell call – Earn $130 premiums upfront  (Fixed return, unlimited loss)
  4. Sell put – Earn $1200 premiums upfront  (Fixed return, unlimited loss)
  5. Do nothing and HODL

We’ll pick 3 lucky winners with the right answer (Trade that generates the most ROI) on settlement date (27 Dec) to win 100 USDT each!

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Terms & Conditions 

1. Eligibility

  • Any user who submits their entry from 23 Dec 19, 4pm (GMT+8) to 26 Dec 19, 4pm (GMT+8) will be eligible to participate
  • Users can edit their entry on google doc any time before the campaign end date (26 Dec 19)
  • 3 lucky winners with the right answers will be picked by a randomized draw after settlement date on 27 Dec 19

2. Notification of Results

  • 3 lucky winners will be selected and announced on social media within 10 working days of the conclusion of the campaign
  • 100 USDT will be deposited into the Sparrow wallet of the winners
  • Sparrow will only communicate via our official channels listed here

3. Disqualification

  • Users found to engage in criminal activities shall be disqualified from the promotional campaign
  • Users found to have breached the terms of service on Sparrow shall be disqualified from the promotional campaign
  • Sparrow may suspend or terminate accounts found engaging in criminal activities or in breach of terms of service

4. Sparrow Management Rights

  • Sparrow reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and conditions of the campaign, or halt the campaign at its own discretion
  • Sparrow’s decision in any dispute is final